Monday, September 21, 2009

Who is this Hombre?

Is this the Hombre from Daily Peloton Forums and Cycling Forums?

In the Austin 360 there is mention of a Gary Seghi who is a Chiropractic in Austin that happened to be on the original folks who helped Armstrong with his foundation. Here is the quote. "Among the most touching mementoes is a table with five chairs from Z’ Tejas, representing the place where Armstrong first dreamed up LiveStrong with Bill Stapleton, Bart Knaggs, Gary Seghi and John Korioth over lunch. Even the menu is there."

So much information from Hombre at the DPF site. He made claims to have worked with Armstrong. On this Gary Seghi's chiropractic web site it mentions these accomplishments.

From his web site. See below.

Doctor of Chiropractic
Post Doctoral
Fellow-American Board of Chiropractic Consultants
Professional Affiliations
Texas Chiropractic Association
American Chiropractic Association
Gonstead Clinical Studies Association
Travis County Chiropractic Association-Past president
Cycling Palmares
1966-1981-won some races…lost a bunch.
Run over by 18 wheeler in 1982, then rehabbed for 12 years before getting back on the bike again in 1994; since then:
6th place-World championship.
Two-time regional road champion.
National cycling team for two years.
A few international stage race wins.
Pan American Road Race champion.
5th place-Paralympics Road Race in Atlanta.
Four time state road and criterium champion.
Six silver medals-National Track championships.
Two gold medals-National Time Trial championships.
Five gold medals-National Road Race championships.
Civic and Community
Promoted two Texas State Championships.
“Tour of Texas” race doctor from 1983-1989.
Chairman of the Austin Downtown Velodrome Foundation.
Assistant coach to the USCF Junior Development Program.
On the original board of directors for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
1984 Pro World Championship team doctor for Poland and East Germany.
Personal doctor to Lance Armstrong, Chann McRae, Kevin Livingston and other bad boys.

Here are some quotes on various message boards by Hombre / Bobke / Hombredesubaru.

"If my kid can put out 400 watts up a 10 minute climb and he isnt even a Cat 1 yet, Lance and the other boys certainly can do more."

"I'll let you know when he makes the US team which is his plan.His AT is not at 400... yet His very hard effort on a very steep and variable gradient climb was 390-400 watts over 10 minutes.His AT is probably 340-360.He had not had VO2 testing yet, although that may happen soon."

Time and time again Hombre claiming to be a doctor and to have a son who is kicking ass and putting out wattage numbers that would slam most pro's.
This is an exchange with another poster on the Daily Peloton Forums.

(rational head @ Nov 13 2008, 05:28 PM)
"I am sufficiently in position to state unequivocally that your numerous observations regarding cardiology and physiology are very frequently false. This was observed by scores of others as well. I am also in position to state that you seem to interpret medical facts on the basis of affinity to a certain rider you seem to have extreme fondness for while belittling physiology of those you dislike. If you are interested in the specifics we can rehash it but perhaps not here."

I'll go tot to toe with anybody any day on cardiology thank you very much.But why is the tone so snippy here these days?Geez.And what are these bogus "we've told you a million times about the passport."Some serious OMS going on here guys.Lighten up.You would be screaming and fuming if they WEREN'T testing him.I merely point out they ARE testing him and it throws you into convulsions.

Memorable quotes from the Inside magazine article about Gary Seghi crash with a big truck!

"In 1982, while training for a national bike event, an 18-wheeler hit Seghi at an estimated 70 to 80 miles per hour, leaving his body’s imprint permanently indented in the truck’s grill."

Hell he made a comeback just like Lance Armstrong.

You can make up your own mind who this "Hombre" / "Bobke" / "Hombredesubaru" is but I think once the searches are done on archived posts made by the "Hombre" those posts will speak for themselves.

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  1. I can put out greater than 400W up a ten minute climb and I'm a Cat 2 (albeit a decent one who never upgraded because I was more concerned with doing big races). I think LA is full of shit but I'm not so sure you are right about the limits of physiology. 400W for ten minutes would be solid but not totally remarkable for a talented junior. I've seen it on multiple occasions in the lab, on power meters, and imputed from TT times.